Basic Pistol Training

target training handgun training

Get educated!

  • Safe Gun handling
  • Confidence with your firearm
  • Basic pistol competency
  • No experience necessary
  • Rimfire or Centerfire pistol

This class is designed for anyone with limited or no experience using a pistol, for anyone thinking about buying a pistol or anyone just wanting to learn to shoot. Self defense, target shooting or curiosity; you will have fun while safely developing confidence handling and shooting a pistol.

Your privacy will be respected. Learn a routine of safety when shooting, cleaning or storing your pistol. Proper grip and stance will be covered. Loading and unloading will be practiced. The five fundamentals of shooting will be taught – aiming, breath control, hold control, trigger control and follow through. Learn new skills, improve existing skills. You will fire a minimum of a 100 rounds of live ammunition.

Basic pistol 2.5 hour class

  • One person $98
  • Two people $148
  • Instructor supplied pistol $25 per person
  • Instructor supplied ammo $20 per person
  • Eye and Ear protection provided if needed

Student should bring pistol (unloaded in a case) & 150 rounds of factory ammunition. Eye and ear protection is required. The class is outdoors, so wear appropriate clothes.

Instructor Denny Ryan


  • Certified NRA firearms instructor
  • Competitive shooter
  • Martial arts instructor
  • Volunteer EMT, First Responder
  • Wilderness Search and Rescue