Consignment Information


So I have this old gun...

We love your old guns! Bring them in and maybe we can help you make some money off of them. 


My grandpa had this old rifle in the closet...

Antique firearms prices are climbing dramatically. Guns that only ten years ago were worth $90-$150 have more than quadrupled in value in some cases. 


Consignment Pricing:

We give you a free appraisal. If you like what we have to say, we take the guns into our inventory, advertise and sell them for you. We get our cut, and you take the majority! It is a win for everyone involved. 

Standard Rates: 25% for in store sales.

Online and auction sales vary by listing.

To arrange appraisal:

Call us!

We can do appraisals during normal business hours. Call to arrange an appointment or stop on by!

Whidbey Arms

11042 State Route 525 Suite 120 Clinton Washington 98236

(855) 230-1911


Drop us a line!


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